Meet your new best friend in shipping.

SeaLand is a completely different kind of ocean carrier. We’re here to carry your business forward and make every detail of shipping a breeze.

Get Connected

We’re in an era where connections are everything. SeaLand is all about connecting the region’s ports, people, opportunity and purpose. Connected ports, connected people, connected purpose—they’re what SeaLand is all about.

We believe every box matters and no business is too small.

That’s a big deal when you’re trying to find your way thought the ports, paperwork, cargo preparation and everything else involved in international shipping.

Gain control. gives you instant rates, schedules and shipment tracking details. It also lets you sail through transactions, manage invoicing and straighten out exceptions with fewer clicks, forms and delays.

Get the human touch.

You need to know there’s someone watching out for your cargo. With SeaLand, you’ve got it. SeaLanders are passionate about your business and are empowered to get things done.

We don’t just watch — we go with you.

Our business model is built upon accountability and personal involvement—every SeaLander is committed to these values.

Get the best brains behind you.

We hired the most experienced people in the industry.  We live and work throughout the Americas and are connected to the culture, markets and shippers in the region.

Get equipment where and when you need it.

You can’t afford to wait for containers when customers are waiting. We have equipment throughout the Americas—and the can-do attitude to get them to you.

Find the dependability you need and flexibility you want.

The size of our network enables us to offer a variety of routes, transit times and sailings. Sometimes you can even ship on the day of your choosing.

Ready to ship?

Vamos Juntos! We go with you every step of the way. 

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