You probably thought this would be a page about us, but it’s really about you.

SeaLand wouldn't exist if not for you: the businesses, the importers, exporters and producers of the Americas. Our one and only purpose is to be the shipping line that serves your needs.

We are the carrier conceived to join the businesses in this region on their journey to new markets and new success. Our tagline says it all, Vamos Juntos! "We go with you." You'll find that each and every SeaLander has a can-do spirit born of the belief that we are in it with you, and your success is our success.

So, don't expect for us to go on about us, when the real story is about you.

Click above to see for yourself how everything about SeaLand is about you - from our roots, our values and our soul to our personality and our people.

19.2 Million

wine bottles shipped with SeaLand since 2015. That is 55,000,000 wine glasses!

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