Every SeaLander is a company

SeaLanders are always here for you, no matter what you need help with.

We are here to chat online or pick up the phone when you're facing a prickly challenge or need us to unravel a bill. Enthusiastic and empowered to help, we're here when you need us—as well as when you can't see us working behind the scenes. Our skills and interests are different, but our can-do spirit is the same. It's what makes us SeaLanders—and the best partners you could ask for in shipping.

Priscilla Sarmiento

Trade Manager, United States

About:  Customer-centric is the best way to describe Priscilla’s approach to being a trade manager. For her, being personally involved and looking out for customers is what Vamos Juntos is all about. She’s accessible to clients whenever they need her, and never leaves her cell phone behind.

Fun Fact: Chosen superpower is to be everywhere at once—she’s close to achieving that already. 

Dina Rivera

Sales Executive, Mexico

About: Dina keeps a "Se puede" attitude in everything she does. She’s one of those people who believe that everything is possible. Every day Dina and her team go above and beyond to fulfill customers' needs in Mexico. No wonder why SeaLand made her a Brand Ambassador. Good call!

Fun Fact: Dina is able to squat close to 240 pounds, amazing for a self-described “skinny girl.”

Ignacio Lutty

Cargo Analyst, United States

About: Ignacio’s real life superpower is applying “hypercare” to special units, ensuring that cargo moves constantly instead of sitting idle. If any container is left behind, he makes sure it gets connected and that it doesn't stay stuck another week. In other words, he keeps the party flowing.

Fun Fact: Ignacio’s passion is hazardous cargo, guess you could also say it’s his kryptonite.

Michelle Martinez

Sales Executive, Honduras

About: To Michelle, her job is all about relationships—establishing them, developing them and honoring them. She believes customers in the Americas are used to relying on their network to get things done and to sort through the complicated maze of doing business in the region.

Fun Fact: Michelle thinks SeaLand's theme song should be "We are the Champions.” By Queen

Lilibeth Vargas

Customer Service Agent, Colombia

About: To Lilibeth, the most important thing about her job is to create a relationship with the customer. A close second is anticipating her customer´s needs. Lilibeth’s efforts to proactively help clients have earned her the trust of many customers in a very short time. "Se puede" is Lilibeth’s natural state. 

Fun Fact: She’s a serious competitor who takes her sense of humor with her wherever she goes.

Alex Campbell

Sr. Finance Manager, U.S

About: Alex works in SeaLand’s finance department where he provides data to our sales and customer service teams to help them do their job. A long distance runner with a sense of adventure, Alex helps his colleagues take the long view of what they're doing to make educated decisions.

Fun Fact: Ideal superpower is time travel. A financial superhero who knows the future. Hmmm. 

It means either "We go with you" or "Let's go together."
Either way, we're seriously in it with you.

Say hello to our executive team.

No matter where you turn or who you talk to at SeaLand, you’ll find the same can-do, Vamos Juntos spirit that defines us as an organization. Our executive team was in it from the beginning of our relaunch—and they’re in it with you throughout your shipping journey. We’re just that kind of people. Click here to view full bios for each member of our executive team.

  • Craig Mygatt

    Chief Executive Officer

    Little Known Fact: Has been coaching young kids to play lacrosse for the last 15 years.  He takes great pride in teaching kindergartners the fundamentals of the game and then seeing them go on to win High School State Championships.

  • Shane Sawyer

    Chief Financial Officer

    Little Known Fact: Has travelled the world, but has strong roots in the Americas.  Shane has lived in 6 countries in the past 10 years and while he is American, his son was born in Costa Rica, his daughter in Malaysia, and his wife is from Aruba.

  • Todd Pigeon SeaLand

    Todd Pigeon

    Chief Commercial Officer

    Little Known Fact: Is an absolute “motorhead” and loves anything with an engine, especially beach/water activities that he enjoys with his kids every chance he gets.

  • Tim Child

    Chief Operations Officer

    Little Known Fact: Has six brothers and sisters and his family came to United States on the Mayflower.

  • Thiago Covre

    Chief Line Officer

    Little Known Fact: Is a HUGE fan of the British television comedy Monty Python.

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