Pride in the SeaLand name

We trace the origin of the revitalized SeaLand to one fateful trip to a customer in Honduras back in 2013.

When our now CEO Craig Mygatt and the SeaLand development team approached the security guard at a customer’s premises and gave him their Maersk business cards - all they got back was a blank stare. After a few minutes of unsuccessfully trying to explain who they were—someone on the team happened to mention SeaLand.

That word ended up being pure magic: a secret password, iceberg breaker and earth-shattering insight all in one. The security guard led Craig and his team into the office without any pat-down, ID check, bag search or anything else. We knew then that there was a lot of pride for the SeaLand name in the Americas.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a logo is worth even more.

We set out to develop a logo that that the Americas could rally around. A Nike© swoosh of a logo that was meant to inspire, not aspiring athletes, but aspiring businesses throughout the Americas.

The SeaLand logo says it all. Like the revitalized SeaLand, it builds on an amazing legacy by sporting the red and black of the original SeaLand emblem as a nod to our proud legacy.

The colors form the foundation of a logo that represent the new spirit of the region’s beloved SeaLand. To us, the intersecting triangles that symbolize the new directions boldly being charted by SeaLand on land and sea. And the thin white line separating the two triangles creates a horizon representing the new opportunities awaiting businesses throughout the Americas.

We operate in 43 countries in the Americas

At SeaLand we take care of your cargo from origin to destination and everywhere in between.

Trucks and containers from the original SeaLand in 1950

Building on SeaLand's rich past.

Back in the 50s the Americas had a shipping line they could proudly call their own. The original SeaLand was created by trucking entrepreneur, Malcolm McLean who gave the region its first dedicated carrier service while simultaneously giving the world its first taste of container shipping.

People loved SeaLand. It was a line built around their needs and it put them on the leading edge of innovation. SeaLand changed hands several times, but to the people of the Americas, it never stopped being their line. Even after Maersk acquired SeaLand and renamed it in 1999, people in the Americas still referred to it as SeaLand.

So after seeing how people felt and realizing what SeaLand meant to the success of the region, we decided to give it back. Reintroducing the SeaLand brand as a dedicated leading-edge regional carrier seemed like a natural to our management team. And since the relaunch, the support we’ve received has been overwhelming.

All of us are committed to seeing that the next chapter of SeaLand’s history is about the shipping Line that helped carry the Americas to the forefront of world trade and business success.

SeaLand is absolutely committed to our customers

Doing business