What is ConnectAmericas?

ConnectAmericas is the first social network for businesses in the Americas, dedicated to promoting foreign trade and international investment. Through ConnectAmericas, small and medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) strengthen their businesses, by gaining access to communities of clients, suppliers and investors in the region and all over the world, segmented by industry. Thousands of entrepreneurs use this platform to find and apply to business opportunities, improve their knowledge through training on international trade and commerce, and access financing opportunities in their markets.

The platform, established in 2014 by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), counts with the support of Google, DHL, Mastercard, Alibaba, and Facebook. 

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ConnectAmericas in numbers

The community has more than...

  • Unique visitors - 2.2 million from 208 countries and territories 
  • Registrations – 150,203  
  • Companies in ConnectAmericas – 33,333  
  • ConnectAmericas is free and on-demand 
  • ConnectAmericas is in your language   

Powered by SeaLand

SeaLand is an official Anchor Partner of ConnectAmericas, supporting its efforts to bring companies in the Americas together to do business. Some of the functionalities you can have free access to on the platform are: 

  • Cost Estimator 
    Ready to start shipping? If you want to have an idea of the cost of transporting your cargo abroad, this Cost Estimator can help you. We've seen it all and shipped it all. No matter what you're shipping, there is a container for it - when you need it and where you need it. Calculate the cost.
  • Transport and Logistics Course 
    The International Transport and Logistics Course is a free guide for those entrepreneurs and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) that wish to venture into International Trade and have little or no related experience. It is an aid for producers, potential exporters or importers who seek to market their products abroad since it introduces basic concepts that will be useful in their efforts. The course is available for free, on demand and in Spanish. Sign up today

The first focus countries for this project are Colombia and Mexico, followed by Peru. The rest of the Americas continent will follow afterwards.

The partnership is also part of the Enabling Trade Projects under Maersk Group's Sustainability Strategy. To learn more about these activities, click here.


What are the benefits of ConnectAmericas?

  • Business Opportunities

    The platform brings business opportunities with large customers in the region, governments and ministries and many more, where any registered user can apply!

  • Strengthen Your Business Growth

    ConnectAmericas will help SMEs to strengthen their business, providing access to communities of clients, suppliers and investors in the region and all over the world, segmented by industry.

  • Helpful Information

    It provides up-to-date, practical, useful and simple information about procedures and regulations for international commerce, through articles, blogs, online courses and interactive learning tools.

  • Financing Opportunities

    ConnectAmericas seeks to bring financing opportunities closer to SME’s through consolidated information on financial and technical assistance products that are available to SMEs in each member country of the IDB group.

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