Take control of your company’s finances with MyFinance

Designed to make you more efficient and effective. SeaLand knows how much of your day is eaten away by paperwork. MyFinance gives you instant access to documents, helps you stay organized and enables you to take immediate action when necessary. 

eInvoice eliminates confusion. Access your invoices online anytime you want. This eliminates time-consuming, inefficient emails or the need to call and request copies of invoices. eInvoice gives you the flexibility to view, print and download single or multiple copies of your invoices in the format you need

Handle disputes quickly and effortlessly with eDispute. Save time by disputing an invoice online and avoid picking up the phone or composing an email. MyFinance gives you an easy means for submitting your dispute along with your supporting documentation, tracking it and then getting a timely resolution.

Always know where to find an up-to-date statement on eStatement. Get a clear, concise review of accounts payable activity with just a few clicks, anytime day or night. eStatement’s easy access to statements supports your accounting processes and cash management.

Pay online to save time and hassles. Take control of your payment process and increase efficiency in your supply chain by using ePayment—our unrivaled online shipping payment tool. ePayment, only available in North America, allows you to quickly and easily pay your invoices in full. That helps ensure accurate payment application and timely freight release.

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Financial tools to simplify your business.