We’re with you every step of the learning process.

Get the efficient and straightforward guidance you need to perform all the functions on My SeaLand. You’ll find a range of tutorials below that are designed to help you harness the full power of our system and ship like you’ve never shipped before.

How to Register for My SeaLand

Get a walk-through of the steps for registering to use My SeaLand. Video tutorial available here.

How to Look up Schedules

Learn how to look up schedules three ways: point-to-point, by port calls or by vessel schedules. Video tutorial available here.

How to Look Up Rates

See how easy it is to learn what it costs to ship your cargo. Video tutorial available here.

How to Create a Booking

See everything you need to book a shipment from scratch. Video tutorial available here.

How to Track Your Shipments

Learn the two ways to track your shipments: Basic Tracking (non-registered users) and Advanced Tracking (Registered Users). 

How to Submit Shipping Instructions

Learn the ropes of documentation through this detailed breakdown. 


Learn to register for ETA Changes, Arrival Notices and Bill of Lading Notifications. Video tutorial available here.

Webinar: Tools to Export Online

Our SeaLand experts give a step-by-step tutorial on how to manage your cargo only at SeaLand.com.