All you need to know is SeaLand

Maybe you Googled here by searching for “international ocean freight” or “ocean carriers.”

Or perhaps your Yahoo search for “international exporting” or “shipping lines” landed you on this page. Either way, you’re probably feeling just as lost as when you started your journey. 

No worries. We’re delighted you’re here. And you can count on SeaLand to get you the information you need about international shipping, containers, importing, exporting and more. We’re going to surround you with personal support as you learn the ropes. And most importantly, we’re going to help you get your product to customers throughout the Americas.

You've just discovered the greatest ally you could find in shipping.

At SeaLand we say, Vamos Juntos! It means, “We go with you.” That means your dreams of branching out, expanding your market and selling your product throughout the Americas are closer than ever.

Your opportunities are exciting, but we know how overwhelming all the complexity can be.

The details are enough to dissuade many businesses from even trying. But it’s different when you have someone who’s committed to going the distance with you.

Count on us to teach you the basics of container shipping, reefer containers and special cargo handling.

We’re also here to help you get up to speed on the industry’s leading online shipping platform and to show you the advantages of using one carrier for your ocean and inland transport. With SeaLand, you’ll find the knowledge and expertise you need—as well as a can-do spirit you’ll love.

Save yourself from Googling for information about “shipping requirements,” “container dimensions,” “international shipping rates” and all the rest. Come onboard with SeaLand, and we’ll show you everything you need to know. 

Thanks for choosing SeaLand to guide you on this journey! You are in good hands. Now sit back and relax. We will be in touch with you soon to learn more about your needs and how we can start working together to make this happen. Vamos Juntos!

In the meantime, you can always learn more about the history and culture of SeaLand.

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