No cargo is too small, perishable or unwieldy.

We have the containers to fit your needs and the can-do attitude to get them where you need them. That’s the beauty of being part of the Maersk Group: unparalleled access to a huge stock of sparkling clean, mostly new, state-of-the-art containers.

  • Dry

    Shipping t-shirts to Charleston? Our containers come in S, M and XL sizes for you. Whether you’re shipping coffee or washers, SeaLand has clean and compliant containers waiting for you.

  • Reefer

    Whether you’re shipping protein or papayas, our reefer service will keep you calm, cool and collected. Our reefer containers feature leading edge technology for controlling temperature, monitoring humidity and maintaining the quality of your cargo.

  • Special

    We relish the challenges that make other shipping lines cringe. We have the special equipment to ship everything from luxury sailboats and subway cars to grain and steel beams.