The right type of containers for your products

SeaLand offers you an established and reliable network, especially when it comes to cargo shipping. To anticipate your needs and always be prepared, we draw from an unparalleled stock of state-of-the-art containers. 

  • Dry

    Shipping t-shirts to Charleston? Our containers come in S, M and XL sizes for you. Whether you’re shipping coffee or washers, SeaLand has clean and compliant containers waiting for you.

  • Refrigerated

    Efficient shipping of perishable commodities like fruits, vegetables, pharmaceuticals or flowers, require an unbroken cold supply chain to ensure the goods arrive at destination in the desired condition. Take advantage of our extensive inventory of state-of-the-art refrigerated containers equipped with the technology to serve the needs of your refrigerated products.

  • Special

    We are more than just your typical container shipping company. We understand that not all cargo will fit into a standard container. That’s why we offer the expertise and the right equipment to handle your special cargo. No matter what kind of non-standard cargo you are moving – In-Gauge, Out of Gauge, or Break Bulk – we provide safe and reliable transport by making calls in most ports in the Americas.