SeaLand has experts who specialize in shipping your product.

We never treat your product as a commodity. We know how important it is to you and your business. That’s why we hire specialists in every segment from fresh produce to flat screen TVs and clothing to coffee. While we are ready and able to handle all types of shipments, here you can read more about how we handle a few segments in particular.

  • Fresh Produce

    Need a carrier who can ensure your tuna is still sushi grade by the time it gets to New York City or São Paulo? Want to work with someone who can manage your banana supply chain without slipping up? SeaLand has remarkable expertise in reefer shipping. 

  • Coffee

    Shipping coffee beans is tricky business. We’ve perfected the shipping process, streamlining timeframes and guarding against the harmful effects of humidity along the way. We know how serious people are about their joe. Read how seriously we take our job of shipping coffee. 

  • Apparel

    In the just-in-time world of apparel manufacturing, you can depend on SeaLand to always be a few steps ahead of you. Our expertise in this segment helps keep you fashionably successful. Read how SeaLand’s reliability and flexibility makes you look good when shipping apparel. 

  • Electronics

    TVs, washers, dryers or refrigerators make consumers lives easier—and SeaLand’s shipping services make our customers lives easier. Count on us to ease your concerns for speed and safety when shipping all types of electronics and appliances.