Apparel Expertise


SeaLand dresses apparel shippers for success. 

We’re steps ahead in the just-in-time world of apparel. We know your urgency and have developed lean processes to serve apparel manufacturers’ special needs.

Our can-do attitude is always in style. It’s fueled by our understanding that our speed and accuracy directly impact your success. We work to anticipate the issues that can translate into issues that can translate into delays and help you avoid issues that can pose challenges in shipping.

Work with experts who are involved in your business. SeaLand has a dedicated apparel team whose mission is to be available when you need them. Expect personal assistance and the ease of one point of contact in customer service. That makes us a valuable component of your logistics change—one that can help you get things done.

Gain confidence and peace of mind from the SeaLand label. Count on SeaLand’s unrivaled container availability and robust system to support your just-in-time processes. Our capabilities and ability to react quickly to your needs helps you avoid extra costs and delays.

Case Study - SeaLand helped a Honduran manufacturer sew up its supply chain.

In terms of just-in-time, one of our large customers in Honduras had a process that was as challenging as it gets. Their operation involved receiving yarn to a textile facility in Nicaragua shipping the completed fabric to sewing facilities in Honduras and then finally sending the finished garments to the United States.

SeaLand provided the intermodal transportation within Central America as well as the shipping to the U.S. Our role placed us dead center of our customer’s logistics chain and involved us heavily in planning as well as implementation. A lot was depending on our team’s performance: any delay meant a delay at the manufacturing plants.

Guided by a Vamos Juntos! spirit, we’ve been able to put this special service in place and help our customer streamline its entire operation in the process. By providing one supplier and one point of contact, we’ve removed much of the complexity they experienced working with multiple vendors.

Communication and commitment proved to be the keys to success in this case. By remaining in constant contact, we’ve been able to satisfy the continuous need for containers—as well as the special requests that come up day to day and week to week.

Our connections and brand strength have also proved useful to this customer. We have helped them avoid regular delays related to the port authorities by facilitating better communication.

Our customer is happy and their textile plants are running smoothly. By helping them sew up their shipping challenges, we’ve freed their focus their attention on what fashionistas will be wearing next.