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We know beans about shipping coffee.

SeaLand is committed to helping coffee producers throughout the Americas. Humidity and time top the list of challenges they face shipping to North America.

Helping shield coffee shipments from harmful humidity. Through innovation, insight and logistical intelligence, SeaLand has come up with a number of methods for combatting the humidity challenge. They include a specialized container seal we fabricate from Kraft paper and a unique compound we formulated with the help of growers to help control moisture.

Speeding the way for time-sensitive coffee cargos. In addition to being a highly prized beverage, coffee is also a heavily traded commodity that has to be sold on time and delivered on time to protect the investment. SeaLand’s reliable service is enhanced by locations dedicated to intra-American cargo, which lessens the chance of delays from rolling.

A caffeinated, can-do approach. SeaLand’s singular focus on intra-American shipping gives us the ability to be responsive, quickly address concerns and implement requests. Small coffee producers as well as giant traders from the region benefit from SeaLand’s personalized service when it comes to dealing with humidity as well as booking or billing.

We keep the coffee flowing. Our dedication is supported by our access to containers when you need them. We have access to one of the largest equipment pools in shipping, thanks to the fact that we’re part of the Maersk Group.

Case Study - Querencia Criolla Coffee

“It’s a process that demands a lot of time and intensive care.” - Rafael Cruspeire
Querencia Criolla Coffee
Loma Verde Estate, Guaduas, Colombia

Supporting an artisan coffee producer's dreams of export to North America.

Colombian coffee has a long reputation as some of the best in the world. Its prized flavors come from many regions throughout the country—each with its own unique attributes.

One grower's life's dream. Coffee takes on a spiritual quality for Rafael Cruspeire, “Every cup of coffee, of every coffee that’s grown in every region by every person who’s grown it without question has its own singular flavor. We believe that the energy of that person is also reflected in the final product.”

Rafael’s sense of purpose and love of coffee, inspired him to make the pilgrimage from his home in Brazil to the remote region of Guaduas, Colombia. There he established a unique farm dedicated to growing coffee in an eco-agricultural fashion, meaning free of agrochemical products.

Growing coffee in this manner takes time and effort. From the moment the coffee plant is sown, it takes one year and a half just to flower. “It’s a process that demands a lot of time and intensive care,” Rafael describes, “It demands a lot of the coffee grower. It requires patience and intensive care of the bean. It’s a process that requires human care…so there’s value in it.”

How SeaLand helps producers like Querencia Criolla Coffee. A coffee like Querencia Criolla Coffee is too good not to be shared with the world. When Rafael and his family are ready to expand into North American markets, SeaLand will have laid the groundwork for success and be there to help them along the way.

Our eCommerce tools put everything from rates and schedules within easy reach. His customer service representative will be there to guide him through the requisite paperwork. He’s sure to have a million questions from “where to get a container to” “how to pack it.” We’ll be there to share our expertise and monitor his precious shipments every step of the way.

Our belief that every box matters and no company is too small makes us the ideal partner for coffee exporters big and small. To get started, click here to fill out your customer profile today.