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Electronics and appliance manufacturers have a powerful ally in SeaLand.

Your cargo is expensive, and your delivery is time sensitive.We get it and we go with you from plant to port to the person on the other end receiving your cargo.

On time delivery starts with reliable container delivery. That’s why SeaLand will go to extraordinary lengths to ensure you have the equipment you need. So you can get to port on time and get paid. 

We provide the flexibility you need. We know that there are big seasons and important events that effect how many containers you’ll need—like the upcoming fútbol final that everyone in Guatemala is going to want a new TV for. We can get you the extra equipment.   

We understand your business. We know that you have customers to please—sometimes dozens of them. So we extend our personalized service to your buyers through SeaLand representatives placed at main destinations. They’re there to provide a focal point to handle your customers’ requests and address their needs.

Your cargo is safe and secure with SeaLand. Relax and get on with business as your cargo is shipped with SeaLand. When you use our inland service, GPS enables us to monitor your container every mile of the way. SeaLand has a special team monitoring your containers. So you can save yourself from paying custody—or worrying about losing your cargo to robbers.

Case Study: Helping a washer manufacturer make a clean start.

For one SeaLand customer, providing a reliable source of containers was the missing link that fixed their supply chain.  

Finding the solution for this one particular customer was all a matter of communication. We started by listening intently to their issues. It seems their requirement of only using 40’ containers—in a region where 20’ers was the norm—as well as the remoteness of their plant, was making it hard to get the containers they needed.  

As a result, they were using a lot of different carriers. This was causing confusion and not satisfying their needs. It was causing the company to miss sailings, which was slowing everything down and angering their customers and just causing them to devote too much attention to their supply chain.  

After listening you them, we designed a special operation to comply with their needs. Central to the plan was a commitment to deliver a predetermined number of containers we would load per week. Knowing in advance, enabled us to keep the flow of containers coming to the region. The plan also established one point of contract at SeaLand that our customer and their customers could call to resolve any issues that came up.  

Last year we loaded 90% of their cargo. Our customer is happy because they are confident in our operation, know we’ll commit to any additional container needs that come up and know who to contact for any future problems.