Fresh Expertise


A fresh, can-do approach to shipping produce and proteins. 

Trust the line that has reefer shipping down cold. Our temperature controlled cargos range from pineapples, bananas, and grapes to oranges, lemons, avocados and melons. Customers also rely on us for frozen cargos that include salmon, beef, poultry, pork and even vegetables. Some even use SeaLand to move sushi grade tuna. 

We ship with a sense of urgency. Frozen food is fragile and we know you want to get your product to market as fresh as possible. So we quickly mobilize to resolve any problems and keep you informed. We’re there to monitor your cargo during the voyage and make sure the equipment is operating well. We even have people onboard and in ports to make repairs, if necessary. 

We get you the reefer containers you need. Sometimes we even get them before you know you need them. We forecast and plan internally to ensure we have enough reefers containers where we’ll need them. To anticipate your needs and prepare for contingencies, we draw from an unrivaled stock of reefer containers—and move heaven and earth to get them to you when you need them.

Case Study - An agile approach to the challenges of seasonal produce. 

Mobilizing enough reefer containers to ship the seasonal bounty of melons in certain regions of Latin America is a feat of planning. 

Melon producers face a reliability challenge. 
A region can go from needing zero reefer containers to requiring thousands of reefers over the course of six months. The challenge for producers is securing enough reefer containers for a harvest that often varies in size. That often involves dealing with multiple carriers—a confusing and potentially unreliable solution. The consequences of not having reefer containers on hand at the right time are heavy, though. Producers risk loosing their crops or selling at a low price to a local buyer.

SeaLand provided a reliable and flexible solution.
SeaLand Worked closely with a seasonal high volume melon shipper recently to supply reefer containers for the season. Meeting their needs required us to look at their past shipments and patterns of use. Knowing that, we were able to anticipate the number of containers they would require, and supply a continuous stream of them over the course of the growing season. There were wrinkles to our plan, though. Like the time they pleaded for an additional 50 reefer containers overnight—a request we were able to fulfill. 

How we helped our customer get to market. 
Success was achieved for this producer through the coordinated efforts of the SeaLand team who were able to: estimate a game plan, mobilize the equipment, secure limited reefer space on vessels, perform ongoing maintenance—including regular pre-trip preparations and deliver empty reefers in time for them to load them and get them to port. 

Agility pays off.
Our Flexibility and can-do attitude helped make this cantaloupe season one of the most profitable ever for our customer.